Do you want to know the 27 toxic people traits that all toxic people have in common?

Surrounding themselves with toxic people is the most common reason why so many people feel unhappy in their lives. Although toxic people aren’t superheroes, they do have a superpower: that of disempowering you and your beliefs.

In fact, there are even cases in which these kind of people manage to alter the identity of somebody.

Long story short, and as obvious as it may sound, toxic people aren’t people you should surround yourself with. Unfortunately, studies have shown that most people have a hard time keeping away from two types of people: family and co-workers.

Indeed, this study conducted by Bar-Ilan University showed that people were more likely to keep in touch with toxic family members and co-workers, than toxic friends. The reason being that ‘you can’t get away from family, you feel stuck.’

In this article, I’ll share with you the 27 traits that all toxic people share. Of course, falling into a few of those categories doesn’t necessarily make you toxic.

What makes someone toxic is when a lot of these traits are put together. We could even go as far as to say that there are different levels of toxicity. Indeed, you could easily imagine that embodying all 27 traits is very different from embodying 10 traits or less. Of course, some traits are also more meaningful than others.

As a general rule of thumb, I would say that it starts getting serious at 15 traits embodied. Everything below 15 traits is still considerable, but manageable.

In any case, I strongly advise you to keep away as much as possible from people exhibiting too many of these traits.

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1/ Complain A Lot

Toxic people love to complain about why things don’t work the way they think it should work.

They have this urge to constantly whine like a crybaby: it makes them feel better. What they don’t know is that it actually is very harmful for the brain.

As great of a way as it may seem for them to let it all out, it’s far from being ideal for the people around them. How would you feel about hearing someone constantly explaining why something or someone sucks? This is what spending time with a toxic person looks like.

Unfortunately, most toxic people don’t even realize how toxic they’re being when they share all their problems with the world, as if they were the only ones who have problems! The fact of the matter is that they often believe that their problems are worse than everybody else’s.

In reality, they even view it as a competition: ”My life is worse than yours! Woo-hoo!

2/ Lie All The Time

We could say, to a certain degree, that we all lie. After all, who never lied? Whether it be to skip school as a kid, to prevent problems from occuring or to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

In a sense, we could distinguish two types of lies: white lie, and black lie.

I view white lies as lies whose purpose is to protect someone and not to hurt them. For instance, I would consider lying to someone by saying that their food was good when it wasn’t to your taste, a white lie.

On the other hand, there are black lies, which are the tools (and a trait) toxic people love to use. These are lies used for selfish purposes, only meant to destroy and to get the people who used them what they want.

Not really sexy, huh? Unfortunately, lying is like breathing for toxic people. They do not care how you will feel in the slightlest, nor will they care about what will happen to you. The only thing that’s on their mind is: ”What’s in it for me?’

3/ Play The Victim

When it comes to describing toxic people traits, it’s not possible not to talk about this one.

Toxic people love to play the victim. Try and ask them why something didn’t work out correctly, no matter what it’s about, and you’ll hear nothing but explanations as to why it’s not their fault.

”How could I expect that to happen?”, ”How could that be my fault?”, ”I did my job perfectly, that’s not my fault”, you will hear all kind of explanations, but never the true one: ”It’s my fault.”

They never take responsibility, and always blame others: after all, pointing fingers at somebody else is easier than pointing fingers at the true culprit: themselves.

If their lives are surrounded by problems but according to them they created none of it, then chances are you’re facing a wonderful victim! Don’t act like them, as taking ownership for everything that happens in your life is the first step towards change.

4/ Greedy

Toxic people love having everything handed on a plate, but they always want more. They crave for control in their lives so much that each time they do control something, they feel the need to control more – something else.

In a sense, we could say that they’re addicted to this feeling of wanting more.

Of course, wanting more in your life doesn’t make you toxic. What makes people toxic is when they’re walking down the path of desiring power and control. Give them one million dollars and they’ll ask for two. Give them two million dollars and they’ll ask for five. It has nothing to do with the growth mindset ; it’s just pure greed.

5/ Negative And Pessimistic

Have you ever seen a toxic and happy person? I haven’t, because toxic behavior is just an extension of unhappiness and negativity.

I’m positive everyone experienced it at least once: when you share one of your project or ideas, you can be darn sure that they are going to do their best to bring you down.

Oftentimes, toxic people call it ”being realistic”, but here’s the thing: just because they didn’t achieve it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it. In fact, history have proven time and time again that you could achieve the impossible.

When negative people engage in this kind of behavior, it does not necessarily mean that they’re being mean to you. The fact of the matter is that people tend to be overly pessimistic and negative to others just to feel good about themselves. It’s the way their body decided to respond in order to feel the ”feel-good-hormones”.

However, whether the intent is good or bad, it’s not healthy for relatives. Be careful who you spend time with.

6/ Always Right, Never Wrong

This one speaks for itself: toxic people believe that everything they believe in is right, and that everything outside of their belief system is pure and utter lie or illusion. It’s very unfortunate, as many people would rather be right than happy.

Even when they’re wrong, you can be sure that they will never admit it.

In the end, all they really want is this feeling of satisfaction after winning an argument, and they will have it, whether you are right or wrong. Don’t lower yourself to their level, they know the rules of the game better than you.

7/ Unhappy With Their Lives

Being unhappy doesn’t necessarily mean being depressed all the time. In fact, it’s human nature to have ups and downs, and so it can happen that you see them smiling and laughing.

The only difference is that toxic people spend most of their time engaging in toxic behavior, and just being unhappy. Ultimately, I believe that all the traits of toxic people stem from this: they’re unhappy with their lives, and so try what they think is the best way to reach happiness as they endure pain.

8/ Use A Limiting Vocabulary

As human beings, we are not that different from each other. Thoroughly examine happy people, and they will all share the same kind of vocabulary. On the other hand, examine toxic people and you’ll find that they all use the same limiting negative words on a daily basis (can’t, don’t, impossible, scam, etc..).

Words are a huge reflection of who you are, especially when taken into account on a daily basis.

It’s the bridge between your thoughts and the real world, and so language can tell a lot about what your beliefs are. If the person you’re thinking of use this kind of limiting vocabulary, then chances are they are limiting you as well, as toxic people love to project their values onto you.

9/ Create Problems Instead Of Solutions

Negative, toxic people always find a way to mess up. It’s in their nature: when you look for the bad, you’ll find the bad.

Each time that you come up with a solution, they will find a problem. It’s a never-ending game with them. In fact, you don’t need to believe me, believe Albert Einstein: ”Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

Negative People Quotes

You can’t get your life in order if there’s someone around you to mess up each time you’re making a step forward.

10/ Focus On The Bad

What you focus on, you feel.

No wonder toxic people feel bad when they always focus on the bad side of things. The real problem is when they make you think about the bad, when you were not.

What blows my mind with negative people, is that you could experience the best scenario in the world that most people would dream of, but that they still could focus on what’s wrong.

Toxic people are often caracterized by their inability to focus on the good things in life. They simply cannot see the good in things, as if they were wearing blinders.

11/ Full Of Excuses

Toxic people always have excuses regarding why they can’t do something, and will never confront their fears and/or beliefs. Ironically, this is precisely because they never challenge themselves that most toxic people never get what they really want in life.

Sometimes, they aren’t even aware of it and try to project their excuses onto you: “you can’t do it because [excuse].

12/ Manipulative

In order to get what they want, toxic people are willing to do anything. On top of that, they’ll have no remorse whatsoever. Manipulation is the favorite tool of toxic people, as it gives them a chance to exhibit their power and feel a sense of superiority towards others.

Being nicer than usual and trying to coax you, harassing you or even trying to play the sentimal card and making it look like you’ve hurt them.. they are able to use any kind of way to achieve one’s ends.

13/ Never Admit They’re Wrong

Never being wrong is one thing, never admitting it is another. What blows me away all the time is how you can sometimes confront them with solid evidence of their misdeed, and yet never admit it. They feel this need of always wanting to be right, as if they were holding on to their identity.

Toxic people are masters at bad faith, so much so that even describing it would be an understatement.

14/ Talk All The Time

Whether it be to play the victim, spit out excuses or in an attempt to manipulate you, toxic people love to talk. All the time. They love to be heard, yet hate to listen to other people. It’s often a one-sided conversation with them: they’re just having a monologue in which you have no role to play.

In fact, if there’s one thing toxic people would love you to do is to nod in agreement with them.

15/ Wear A Mask

In a sense, toxic people are well-aware of how toxic they’re being as they constantly feel the need to hide their true self to others. They usually wear a mask in public, and the only people who will get to see their true colours are the people close to them.

After all, it’s not humanly possible to keep pretending to be somebody else on a daily basis.

When in public, they love to speak and behave as someone they’re not. As an image, I love to depict them as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

16/ Love To Brag

Bragging is the most effective way for them to feel important. As such, they always like to bring to the table everything they accomplished… even 10 years ago. This is clearly a low self-esteem issue, which they try to solve by badgering other people with what they’ve done right.

17/ Remind You Of What They Did For You

Usually wield as a weapon in times of crisis (arguments), negative toxic people love to make you remember what they did for you. Lacking humility, they want to feel acknowledged and most importantly, important.

This technique is also used as a way to manipulate others, ”I did this for you, so you owe me something!”.

They try to incite guilt in you, even for things they did for you that you never asked them to do.

18/ Jealous

Don’t talk to them about your successes: they hate it. Each time you succeed, you make them remember that they failed. This is also the primary reason why they put people down: to feel better about them out of their own insecurities.

The truth is that most negative people want you to fail: that way, they won’t have to look at themselves in the mirror.

19/ Judgemental

Pointing the finger at others is surely easier than to point the finger at yourself: this why they love judging so much. They constantly have something to say about how you behave or what you say, they are the people-pleaser. Again, by judging someone, they feel better about themselves.

20/ Put You Down Publicly

Putting you down in private is one thing, putting you down publicly is another.

They usually feel more acknowledged when there are people around them. Sometimes, they’re not even aware that they are criticizing you, but they always find a way to prove that they are superior in front of others.

This is actually a trait that a lot of people share, not only truly toxic people. By being sarcastic or being rude by pointing something that they know that someone else don’t, they feel smarter.

Unfortunately, this habit shows a lot about what’s going on in their daily lives and the quality of their lives.

21/ Focus On The Past

When they do something wrong, they will never forget about it. In fact, they will keep remembering what went wrong and why it went wrong instead of moving forward. If you’ve been studying my work, for instance in my article How To Easily Change Your State And Be Happier Part 1”, then you already know that focusing on the wrong will never do you any good.

They keep focusing on the past as if by thinking hard enough they’ll be able to go back in time.

However, the only effect it has on them is to make them unhappy. By reminding themselves of their mistakes on a consistent basis, they focus on the pain instead of all the pleasure they could think about.

22/ Unreliable

You can’t count on them, as they’re often self-centered. They expect you to be there for them when they need you, although they might ignore you when you need them.

Oftentimes, toxic people are the ones showing up late for appointments, and of course, they always have an excuse. Ironically, these people always want others to show up on time.

23/ Shout When Right, Quiet When Wrong

Shouting to the world that you are right sure is easier than yelling that you’re wrong. This is precisely why toxic people engage in such a behavior.

Once again, the only reason they do this is to free themselves from their insecurities. ”I’m right! I’m right! Did you notice? I’m right!!”

They are also the people that love saying: ”I told you so”. In some cases, this sentence can be very unhealthy and destroy relationships.

24/ Perfectionist

Perfectionism is always a way for them to prove that they’re right: they believe that taking longer to accomplish a task will yield better results, which is not necessarily true.

In fact, in many cases, overthinking can hurt you more than it can help you.

25/ Need Power Like Air

What toxic people crave for is power: the power to control everything around them. When they do not have this power, they engage in even worse behavior.

Lack of control is the worst thing that could happen to them. Give them something, and they’ll ask for more.

26/ Want Attention And Credit

They love to be thanked and be the center of attention.

Each time they do something, they always want recognition, and the worst thing that can happen to them is when they don’t get the spotlight.

It’s also one of the reasons why they love to put people down publicly: it tells everyone – in the worst way possible – than you’re the most knowledgeable person in the room.

Again, this stems from a low self-esteem issue.

27/ Childish

Did you ever try saying ”no” to them? Well, they don’t take no for an answer!

Although they might call it being persistent, I call it being childish. When toxic people WANT something, they will have it, no matter what they have to destroy to obtain it. Overall, their behavior aren’t that different from a child.

These are the common 27 traits that toxic people share! Of course, as said in the opening, embodying some traits doesn’t make you toxic. What makes someone toxic is when all of these add up and create a selfish, egotistical monster whose sole purpose is to satisfy themselves.

Have you identified who in your surroundings is toxic? If so, share it in the comment section below.

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