I could go on and on about the differences between rich and poor people. But for the sake of keeping this article short and focused on one thing, I’ll talk about what is, in my opinion, the most determining factor that separate these two group of people.


The biggest difference between rich and poor people, is whether or not they’re willing to do what it takes to succeed.

It’s that simple.

Now, let’s get into it more deeply.

“What should you be willing to do to succeed”, you say?

Here’s what:


You know, majority of poor people are willing to make excuses. Which is why they’re not successful.

Successful people, as well as not-yet-but-to-come-successful-people, are the exact opposite.

I bet that a lot of successful people would even be able to sacrifice their soul to reach success.

Well, it’s not that I agree with this.. but at least we have to acknowledge that they’re really wanting to do anything it takes.

Let’s talk about something more practicable in real life, shall we (don’t really want to sell my soul to demons!)?

Do you know what action is the result of success that every successful people perform every single day that poor people don’t?

Hint: it’s a 4-letter word.


It’s ‘work’.

Not that poor people are all lazy, but working alone is not enough if you don’t have plans to go beyond what you’re doing.

Anyway, here’s where the gap widen even more:

While poor people were sleeping.. watching TV, or procrastinating… successful people were working!

By the way, I’d like to make it clear that I by no means say that WORK alone is sufficient to reach success. I absolutely don’t believe it. One must work as hard as they need to work smart. Of course, smart alone isn’t sufficient either. That’s why I believe that you need to work HARD and SMART. It’s not one or the other. Anyway, that was just a little side note. I’ll make an article dedicated to this subject later on.

Think about the people you know: what are they doing during their weekend? What are they doing after work?

Chances are they just hang out with their friends, or watch TV..

But you’ll never be successful this way.

In fact, a lot of people see where rich people are today and think: “I wish I were in that position”. And they start dreaming about being on the beach, which is next to their castle.

The thing is.. people see what they want to see.

Take any rich person. They could all retire if they wanted to. Why is that?

Because they already put in the amount of work necessary to enjoy that lifestyle.

Let’s add numbers to that. By the way, these are my numbers. These are not numbers based on surveys and all.. it’s jut a way for me to explain this more clearly.

Say that to make $10.000.00/year, you needed to work 20.000 hours. If you don’t want to make that money just before you die, you’d need to work like 15 hours every single day for 4 years. Now, what happens after that? You’ve worked enough, you’re now rich.

Guess what?

People will never even IMAGINE that you’ve worked 20.000 hours to get there.

What people see is the visible part of the iceberg. Only you know what you’ve really been through to get there.

You want to get there too? Sure. Go work 20.000 hours.

I’m sure that it would demotivate 99% of people.

By the way, did you notice? I said that “every rich person could retire if they wanted to”. See how I told you “could.. if they wanted to”?

This is a direct reflexion of what they’ve been through. This is how it changed them.


It’s like when you’ve been tortured or else, you start becoming paranoid depending on what you experienced.

Experience forges people.

So, working that much to get there.. created them a new habit – that of working.

On the contrary, poor people create a habit as well, but that of spending time doing things that won’t contribute to their financial success.

Did you ever wonder why the rich get richer and the poor poorer?

Well, you’ve got your answer!

In the end, it’s all about how you act. It’s not luck by any means. Everyone can decide to create a new habit and stick to it. But I know that only few people are willing to go that far. That’s why there are more poor people than there are rich people. In a sense, if it was that easy.. everyone would be rich, right?

One more thing before I finish:

I said to work hard, not to work until exhaustion. Some people may agree, other disagree. I personally will never work that much if it meant damaging my health. Sure, I don’t care about giving up a few hours of sleep.. but sleeping 3 hours everyday for years IS NOT healthy at all. Work hard, but don’t be stupid either.

A mountain of gold is of no use to a dead body… heh.