There are two types of mindset when it comes to quantity: the abundance mindset, and the scarcity mindset.

Let’s define them, shall we?

Having an abundant mindset is about thinking that there are plenty of things in the world (replace “things” by anything, like money.) So, by definition, a person that thinks that way will never fear that things (like money) will eventually run out. Whatever happens, there’ll still be plenty of ways to make more money.

By the way, I’m going to use money as an exemple.. but it obviously doesn’t work just with money. Whatever you can think of, from opportunities to finding a job.. can fall into one of these two categories.

On the contrary, having a scarcity mindset is about thinking that the world cannot supply *money* to everyone. This way of thinking, which states that there is not enough for everyone, is fear-based. Indeed, by thinking that money isn’t abundant.. you immediately start fearing not having enough.

Now that we can clearly define these terms, why would I suggest you to think abundance over scarcity?

Let’s examine these two closer and see what benefits or disadvantage they can bring you.

The Scarcity Mindset, or the “Fear-based Mindset”

As I previously said, this mindset is fear-based.

After all, it’s all about YOU. About having no more money for you to survive.

The problem with that kind of thinking, is that it prevents you from growing.

It’s not only about you thinking that there isn’t plenty of money. But it’s about you thinking that if you’re not careful with your money.. you’ll end up poor.

Which is why the people that possesses such a mindset are ALWAYS broke. After all, people are so afraid to spend their money and to lose it that they end up don’t spending it at all. Sure, it might prevent you from getting poorer… or richer?

Indeed, although it may be good to think twice about buying something sometimes.. not taking risk also prevents you from getting richer. By staying in your comfort zone, you also stay away from each opportunity that comes your way. You may have the opportunity to become rich, and yet refuse it by fear. Not sexy at all, right?

To be honest, I also had a scarcity mindset. And I sometimes still have.

I remember a time where I was talking to a person that could potentially become my future client. He actually was the one that wanted to hire me. So, we’d send messages and emails back and forth to each other.. until he suddenly stopped answering. I got to admit, I really wanted that client. I was so excited.

But he stopped messaging me.

I got to say.. my scarcity mindset blew up at the time. I was thinking: “What if he changes his mind!?” What if he doesn’t want to hire me anymore!?”What if I don’t find any other client!?”.

As you can see, I was SO afraid. Like, I was checking my inbox every 5 minutes!!

But it didn’t change anything.

Still no response.

And never got one.

The funny thing is that, I actually knew I was thinking scarcity.

I finally took a deep breath, and rearranged my thoughts.

“So what? I’ll just get someone else.”, I thought.

Honestly, it was that easy.

After all, why wouldn’t there be more clients to be hired by? There’s no reason other than baseless fear!

And you know what? I actually felt much better after that.


There was, and there are PLENY of other clients for me to find. That’s how it is.

Which brings me to my next point: what benefit can thinking abundance bring you? Let’s investigate!

The Abundance Mindset

As explained in the beginning, the abundance mindset is about the plentifulness.

Money? Heh. It’s easily made and there’s still more to earn.

See how that mindset is radically different from the other? In fact, not only is it radically different from the scaricity mindset, it is also way more beneficial for you.

Remember how I said that by thinking that money is scarce makes you poor?

Well, now it’s the contrary!

By thinking abundant, you can become rich.

I know how easy it sounds said like this, but it reallly is true. After all, if you’ve plenty of money to spend.. then there aren’t any reason why you would be poor, right? It means that you have money to invest in your education, which will turn into knowledge that will then turn into.. ?


Holy cow! It all comes back to this!

I believe that there are only two things that can make money: money itself or time.

However, we only have 24 hours in a day.. which means that there is a threshold we can’t surpass. This is when money comes in. It has nothing to do with this, so I won’t get into it.. but rich people make their money work for them! Which means that if you don’t have money to invest.. you don’t get any more money.

This mindset is so useful in everyday-life. Not only do you appear more generous, but you also are healthier! Of course, it also goes without saying that it allows you to make more money (or find more opportunities, etc.. remember how I told you that it works with EVERYTHING you can think of?)

More than that, it is to me an undeniable quality to have. Being always there to give more because you know there always will be enough for you.. is kind of beautiful, don’t you think? People will, without a doubt, thank you for that. And maybe one day, they’ll return the favor to you. Then, you’ll be even more thankful to have this mindset. In the end, it kind of is a virtuous circle. You act that way, which encourages you to act even more that way. Don’t let fear drive you, and above all, train yourself to always think in an abundant way.