Did you know that positivity was a choice?

My friends always refer to me as ”Mr. Positive”. The reason? I’m being positive all the time. No matter what happens, I always find the good in things. Usually when I do that, people look at me strangely as if I had some kind of superpower, when it’s in fact nothing extraordinary. ”How do you do that?”, they ask.

Well, I just happen to know the secret that most people don’t. In fact, even knowing it is not enough. Some people do know it, but still can’t get themselves to apply the information.

If you want to live a happy life, then it is imperative that you let go of all the negativity that has accumulated in your head throughout the years.

In this article, I’ll share with you why positivity is a choice and what my best secret regarding positivity is.

How To Choose Positivity Over Negativity?

When it comes to negativity, most people are generally masters at it. They have the incredible ability to turn negative in a matter of moments. Surprisingly enough, they can’t seem to the opposite: namely turning positive.

Unfortunately, the majority of people have conditionned their brains throughout their lives to trigger negativity as simply as snapping fingers. How did they manage to do that? That’s easy.

They usually consciously decide to put these kinds of information in their head, which surely also affects them on a subconscious level. What kind of information am I talking about?

For instance, watching the news or reading the newspaper. Although they dread and hate it, they seem pulled torwards negative stuff. They keep blaming the external world as if it would change it.

How can you expect to live a happy fulfilling life if most of the information you’re consuming are triggering the worst emotions of human beings? I’m blown away at how people don’t even realize this and still keep doing it.

Choosing Positivity Is A Way Of Being

A mistake that I see people make time and time again, is to try to use tactics or strategies and hoping to get results from something. Remember that 80% of success comes from the principles/mindset whereas only 20% comes from the tactics or strategies.

Being positive just for the sake of it doesn’t work unless you really understand what it means and how being truly positive affects your life.

It shouldn’t be used as a way – a ”tactic” – to feel better in the moment, but to improve your overall life by making the decision that you will settle for no less that what you truly deserve: long-lasting happiness.

This is the first mindset shift that you must make: that this is how you want to live your life and that you will tolerate no less than that.

Positivity Is A Choice

positivity is a choice

I’m always reminded of the story of a soldier during the Vietnam war who got imprisonned and who had been taken 7 years of his life secluded in a tiny cell barely wide enough to lie down.

This very man suffered every day of his life for 7 straight years, and yet managed to find positive things to say about that experience. Not only that, he even went as far as to say that it was the best years of his life.

The fact that we, human beings, manage to complain for less than that is truly fascinating, isn’t it?

It goes to show that we could find positivity in anything if we really wanted to. After all, no one is truly special.

Everyone thought that running the four-minute mile back in 1954 was a crazy thought and impossible, until Roger Bannister did it! Once he made the impossible possible, more and more people started running the four-minute mile. Nowadays, even high school students can do it.

The lesson here is this: if one person can do it, everyone else can.

Truth is, I too struggled with this at one point when my mother passed away, and god knows how much I loved her. I faced this challenge, that I knew if I could overcome, would give me the ability to find the good in everything else. And it did.

Positivity really is a choice, as simple as it sounds. In fact, you have the power right now to either feel empowered, or feel miserable. We all have been given an incredible gift, which is the ability to focus on whatever we want to.

Focus Is Power

The emotions you’re feeling right now are determined by the things you’re focusing on. If you’re focusing on low-quality stuff, you’re going to feel low-quality emotions. It is so easy to get upset and frustrated, isn’t it?

Paint these two different pictures in your mind for me: the first is that of a father killing his own children one by one, cutting their throat open. Think about the circumstances, how the father must have felt, and how the children must have reacted. Think about the mother who one day came home and found this tragedy.

On the other hand, picture a father spending quality time with his family: smiling, laughing, jumping around, having fun. They all feel connected and feel so blessed to be around each other. I bet you felt two different kind of emotions, didn’t you?

What you focus on, you feel.

Direct Your Focus

The reason why most people feel low-quality emotions is because they focus on low-quality stuff. Why do they focus on low-quality stuff? Because they chose to! Unless someone put a gun to their head and told them to focus on the bad, I don’t believe there is any requirement in our countries to do so. No one can be positive as they think about the injustices in the world.

The most evident answer that comes to mind is that they’ve been conditionned to do so. In fact, you probably have been too, just like I was. We tend to think that it’s normal to learn about what happens in the world, as if it was our duty. However, all it does is directing your focus on the wrong thing.

Thinking hard about the tragedies that happens every single day in the world won’t change them. At best, you can donate money to help support causes.. but that doesn’t mean focusing on the bad parts.

Once you get control back on your ability to focus, everything will change around you because the meaning you will give to the events will change. Positivity is a choice, and you have the right and choice to claim it at any moment in your life.

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