One of the most important things we’ll have to do in our lives is to make decisions: decisions of the clothes we’ll wear, about the people you’ll meet, the person you’ll become… there is a never-ending list of decisions we’ll constantly have to make throughout our lives. From as-easy-as-pie-decisions to incredibly challenging dilemmas, decisions are part of our daily lives.

The process of taking a decision in itself is of the utmost simplicity: you just need to make a choice.

Unfortunately, taking the right decision is much more complicated than that. We often find ourselves overthinking, fearing to make a poor decision, which is natural. How to make better decisions, then?

I am going to talk about a concept coming from Jungian analysts Robert Moore, which is about the representation of our ways of being divided into 4 different archetypes: The King, The Warrior, The Magician and The Lover.

All of these four archetypes have different attributes we draw our strengths and weaknesses from. However, we all have them within us. The big distinction to make is that we usually have one archetype that tends to be more strong than all the other ones. However, as you will notice, it might be a good idea to learn how to access other archetypes at different times or stages of your life.


The King

The first archetype is that of the king. He’s all about having plans and a vision for his life, whether it be for his business, his relationship or any area of his life. This archetype is also known for his stability in a world of chaos, and possess strong boundaries.

As you might expect from The King, he’s a leader: he is to one who set the vision and build a team of people that will allow him to get to that vision. This is why he also likes to deleguate stuff to his team members. The King is also known for contributing, and lead by exemple.

In other words, The King creates and protect his kingdom.

This is often an underdevelopped area for younger people, which is due to a lack of experience and hence are more alike a prince or a princess.

As you probably imagine, this is a greate archetype to use when building your business or any area that you want to set a vision in. On the contrary, setting goals and planning your life in general will allow you to experience more The King in your life.

The Warrior

The second archetype is The Warrior, which is obviously the brute. However, there is no negative connotations associated to that. It’s not about being violent at all. In fact, it’s the opposite: it’s about using your drive to achieve more.

What The Warrior loves to do the most is to take massive action. He doesn’t think twice about it. In fact, if The King tells him to do something he will do it.

He’s also strongly disciplined, which means that he’s never lazying around. In fact, he never makes excuses. He just do. When The Warrior has goals, he does everything he can to achieve them. If there is a wall, he is not stopped by it. He always founds a way around it. If he has to go above, below or break through the wall, he will do so. He has also strong willpower, which he can rely one in times of crisis.

The Warrior is strongly focused. He does not divide his focus onto multiple things, as he understands that multitasking actually lowers your I.Q.

His integrity and honor are his motto, which is why he always listens to The King. More importantly, he always finishes what he starts.

Generally, people lacking this energy are more lazy.

Whereas The King was great to set the vision and the goals, the Warrior is to perfect fit to achieve them. In fact, he is the very vehicle that will allow you to go from point A to point B that The King had smartly designed.

The Magician

Then there is The Magician. He’s more tolereant, believes more easily in extravagant things whereas The Warrior which is very down-to-earth would laugh at him. The Magician is the wise. He often relies on his intuation, contrary to The Warrior who only trusts logic.

In short, The Magician is more spiritual and less logical than the others.

He loves knowledge and is more light, funny. He is a spiritual being, and an intelligent one.

To access more this part of yours, listen more to your intuition, heart, soul and spirit.

The Magician is great to take a step back and think a bit more outside the box. As you would expect from a Magician, he’d rather use magic than anything else. He’s the wise you can rely on when you need deep feedback. Instead of always looking for answers, I actually recommend that you access this part instead as often times it will answer your questions.

The Lover

Finally, there is The Lover. As expected, he’s the one that likes connection and love. He always has empathy towards other people, and enjoy life to the fullest. The Lover relaxes, wants to give more to more people and wants peace for everybody.

This is, in my opinion, the best archetype to be fulfilled along with The Magician to some extent. The Lover doesn’t live in his head, but in his heart. Although your heard is great for brainstorming and strategizing, it’s horrible to be fulfilled.

These are the 4 archetypes we all have within us, although one is usually more predominant than the others.

Don’t Listen To One Archetype

You might be a Warrior, and love implementation and discipline. However, did you know that the decisions you make are based on the archetype you live in most of the times? For instance, if you have a dilemma, then your Warrior will answer. You will take a decision based on your strengths and weaknesses.

What I really believe in in life, is to take different perspectives all the time. Meaning that instead of believing one side of things, you should always be looking for other perspectives. For instance, I could tell you that ‘this person is mean’ although somebody else will say the opposite.

It works the same here, you always want to use all 4 of your archetypes when making a decision.

The best way to take a decision is to actually ASK them. A great exercise you could do, is to close your eyes and vizualise a boardroom in which you are the SEO. Next to you sitting are 4 yous, but they are your archetypes: The King, The Warrior, The Magician and The Lover.

When you have a decision to make, you’ll want to ask all four of them their thoughts. As you may guess, The Warrior will never say the same thing than The Magician. For instance, to the question ”What should I do in this situation?”, The Warrior might say ”Take Massive Action!” whereas your Magician might ask for taking a few steps back to look at the bigger picture and take a closer look at the underlying issue. In the same way, The King might say that you should set smarter goals.

In the end, you’ll have a decision to make. However, using all 4 of these you’ll have a better understanding of your situation and have 4 differents viewpoint to base your decision on.

Of course, it would be impossible to listen to all 4 of those at the same time: that’s why you must take a decision. Which do you think is right and which do you think is wrong? Listen carefully to each viewpoints and as the CEO, make the final decision.

This is a great way to make better decisions as it forces you to adopt multiple angles to view the same problem. It might even give you solutions you hadn’t even thought of before.