After Heath Ledger’s terrific performance in The Dark Knight, the Clown Prince Of Crime is back in his own movie called ‘’Joker’’, which came out on October 4.

The story begins as Arthur Fleck, a mentally-ill clown-for-hire whose purpose is supposedly to bring joy and laughter to the world, gets beat up by thugs. Arthur also suffers from a condition which makes him laugh whenever he feels out of control.

His life gradually changes for the worse as we get to witness Arthur walking down the path of insanity and on his way to becoming DC’s most famous and iconic supervillain, the Joker.

In the first part of this article, we’ll talk about how laughter changed Arthur’s life in the movie.. before exploring how you can use that very same power in your life so that you experience more joy and happiness.

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His mother has been calling him ‘’Happy’’ and telling him that his purpose was to bring joy to the world all his life, but for most of the movie, Arthur is depicted as a loser who always gets bullied no matter where he goes.

Although he always laughs, he’s not happy inside. At the beginning of the movie, laughing even seems painful for him. He can’t control it and is embarrassed to make a fool of himself.

As the movie progresses, he finally let his true-self come out and allows himself to be happy. By the end of the movie, his laugh is genuine. He doesn’t try to hold it back anymore, he just embrace his true identity: the Joker.


As shown in the beginning of the movie, his disease does not magically make him happy. It takes time, and the right mindset. Only when he understands his true purpose that he manages to condition his new self.

We even get a glimpse of one of his rehearsal in the movie as he is trying to sound funnier and look more confident by imagining being part of his favorite TV show, the Murray Franklin Show.

By the end of the movie, this is a changed man: he not only sound and look like the Joker, but he embraced and became the Joker!


As Arthur was standing beside his mother’s bed at the hospital, he realized one of his performance had been recorded and played into his and his mother’s favorite show.

Talk show host, Murray (Robert De Niro), makes fun of his laugh and mock him on television which cause the whole audience to laugh as well. His laugh makes other people laugh.

Not only that, but the more his laugh appears to be genuine as the movie goes on, the more he seems to enjoy himself.

This is also a powerful example that you can turn your biggest disadvantage into your most powerful weapon.

”You’ve always told me that my laughter was a condition. It’s not. It’s the true me.”


As crazy as it might sound, faking your own laugh works! It arouses positive emotions such as happiness and joy: the very same emotions that a real laugh would trigger.

The reason why it works is that your body cannot tell the difference between a genuine laughter that would be the result of hearing something funny, and a fake laugh that you would have initiated.

When your body hears you laugh, it automatically goes into endorphin-mode without even questioning its authenticity.

Do you want to be happier right now? Just laugh more!


Laughing have been shown to have countless benefits.

First, a good laughter relieves your stress and relaxes your whole body. Not only that, but it also triggers a very beneficial hormone for your body: endorphins.

Endorphins are natural feel-good chemicals that automatically put your body in a great state: it makes you happier!

If that wasn’t enough, laughter also boosts your immune system by increasing immune cells and improve your blood flow which can protect you against heart diseases.

The best part is that laughing might even increase your lifespan, according to a Norwegian study.

What reason do you have not to sharpen your ability to laugh at anytime?


joker movie

Laughing is a core component of our lives, as we are shaped by positive and negative emotions. If you experience too much pain, then it’s going to translate to every area of your life. 

Fortunately, the contrary is true as well: if you experience more joy than pain in your life, that’s what is going to shape you as a person.

Whether you will succeed in your business, career or relationship will depend on the type of emotion you most consistently feel.

Negativity might trigger laziness, procrastination and dissatisfaction. Those are emotions that won’t help you get ahead in your life. 

On the other hand, happiness will help you get a lot more things done and make you appreciate every step of your journey.

Let’s explore the 7 ways that can bring more joy and laughter in your life!

1 – Fake Laugh–qYBjYlc

As previously mentioned, your body cannot make the difference between a genuine laugh that would come out as a result of hearing a good joke and a fake laugh that you would have initiated yourself.

Essentially, this technique is about tricking your brain into thinking that you are laughing. As a result, your brain will start releasing endorphins – the feel-good hormone.

A study led by Georgia State University demonstrated that incorporating laughter into a physical activity program made people feel better. It goes to show that the mind is directly influenced by the body.

2 – Watch Funny Videos

If you want to proactively trigger a laugh anytime, then watching funny videos on YouTube might be one way. 

Don’t be focused too much on the outcome, as it might prevent you from enjoying the experience and laughing. Simply surrender and watch the video without the expectation that you are going to laugh and feel better.

Of course, this concept works with everything else that you can think of: read something funny, watch a funny video or movie.. it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

I suggest that you incorporate this into your morning ritual. However, don’t use this as an excuse to procrastinate. Carefully block out some time in your day in advance to do those kind of things.

3 – Hang Out With Funny People

Of course, if your goal is to lighten up your day.. don’t spend your days with negative people! They’re going to suck the joy out of you.

You are the average of the 5 people you send the most time with – carefully pick your friends and family members!

Some people are very good at making others feel better just by being in the same room as them. Find those people and have them into your life to experience more joy in your life!

4 – Embarrass Yourself

You heard that right – embarrass yourself on purpose to laugh more.

It can be as stupid as imitating an actor – ‘You talkin’ to me? -, or dancing in an outrageous way. 

The purpose of this exercise is to laugh at yourself. Not in a mean way, but as a joke.

The more people can see you doing this, the better. They often say that human beings can amplify their feelings just by sharing their experiences with others, but that’s true! 

You can still do this alone in your bathroom in front of your mirror, just know that it won’t be as effective as being playful in front of somebody else.

You talking’ to me?

5 – Use Your Imagination

In the movie ‘Joker’, which has been highly influenced by other movies of the same kind such as ‘’Taxi Driver’’ or ‘’The King Of Comedy’’, show us the main character using his own imagination to craft his skills.

There is a funny scene brilliantly executed by Robert De Niro in ‘’The King Of Comedy’’ in which Rupert Pupkin imagine himself being in his favorite TV show as he speaks alone in his living room.

This is the kind of act that anyone could play and which would allow you to laugh uncontrollably. Allow yourself to be an actor for a few minutes and just enjoy this gift.

Keep in mind that it’s very important that you don’t put pressure on yourself to laugh, as it’ll have the opposite effect and prevent you from having a good time.

6 – Condition This State

Each time you’re trying to condition a certain state or mindset, you must always remember that it’s a long-term effort. Many people give up believing that it doesn’t work just because they expect to change overnight.

If you are a very serious person by nature, understand that it’s going to take you a lot of time to bring out that side of yourself: after all, you’ve been conditioning your current behavior your whole life! Why would you suddenly be used to cheerfulness?

The best way to condition a state is to incorporate it into your morning ritual. 

joker movie

Each morning, block out some time for your own well-being and do something that is making you move towards your goal. In this case, maybe it would be to just smile and laugh for 5 or 10 minutes straight.

It’s certainly going to be challenging at first, but as time goes by, it’ll get easier and seconde nature to you.

7 – Remember Funny Moments

The reason why many people say that experiences are the doorway to happiness and fulfillment is because you can live those moments again and again in your mind, and still feel the way you felt when you experienced those events.

Whether it be a joke or a situation, think about something that has made you laugh. 

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