I’ve always been prone to stress; my body – for whatever reason – seems to instantly react to any form of discomfort. So, as you can imagine, learning how to unstress has been a huge game-changer for me. Stress accumulation is neither healthy nor sustainable long-term – and I knew that.

It probably has to do with the fact that I have had asthma for many years now, which affects my breathing in a negative way.

In any case, it doesn’t matter whether a trivial challenge or a gigantic, seemingly impossible-to-overcome problem arises.. I’ll routinely have to deal with the ‘’stress-response’’ my body loves to trigger. Fortunately, I’ve learned to handle it throughout the years.

All the techniques that I am about to share with you are all scientifically proven and healthy for the most part. Use them as often as possible because they are the keys to living a stress-free life. 

Remember that stress isn’t caused by the outside world, but by how your inner world interprets these events – unless you got a gigantic lion chasing you..

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how to unstress

What Is Your Pattern?

Once we feel stress, our bodies have habitual – and different – ways to deal with the uncertainty that comes with it. This goes back to Tony Robbin’s 6 human needs: certainty, uncertainty, significance, love and connection, growth, and contribution.

Uncertainty – or variety – is a necessity because otherwise life would be boring without it. Too much uncertainty, though, can be harmful too (stress).

When we feel that way, our bodies instantly go into ‘’certainty-mode’’ and does its best to get the most comfort. 

For some people, comfort comes from eating. Stress triggers the urge to eat a big, fatty chocolate bar or ice cream. For somebody else, it might be to smoke a cigarette or drink alcohol. (As you can imagine, there are more healthy ways than others..)

In my case, I recently discovered that my pattern is usually negative thinking or ‘’escape-thinking’’ as I like to call it. My brain does its best to imagine an escape plan so that I can feel more comfortable as quickly as possible. Awareness breeds change.

What about you? Find your pattern and you might learn valuable things about yourself. For instance, is your pattern even healthy? Some people deal with stress in a very positive way: they go for a walk, or even better, run. Others have found other ways to deal with it: lashing at somebody and criticizing them.. doing drugs, etc..

Get some clarity first and you might just realize that you already have a way to unstressed easily and instantly. Is it going for a run? Eating? Negative thinking? 

Let’s go over 21 ways on how to unstress easily and instantly regardless of your circumstances.

1 – Punch

As a guy living primarily in his feminine energy most of the time, this one is far from being my favorite way of reducing stress. First, it requires something to hit such as a punching bag or a pillow. Then you need to use some form of violence to get stress out of your system. And you need to make sure that you don’t foolishly injure yourself in the process.

I’ve known somebody who, as a way of relieving stress, punched in a window. Now, that might not be the best idea and I definitely wouldn’t recommend that!

However, if concentrating and exploding your energy into one point is your thing, then be my guest: unwind!

2 – Chew Some Gum

It’s not a joke – chewing gum can actually reduce stress and even boost memory! I wouldn’t count on any type of food to unstress – because it makes you dependent – but it’s still a great way to deal with stress nonetheless.

3 – Move

The benefit of engaging your body in any kind of activity – dance, exercise.. – is that it gets you out of your head!

Most of us get stressed because when some challenges arise, we immediately focus on it and exaggerate it in our heads. Instead, what about doing an activity that will force you to be present in the moment? I love exercising because there is always a point where I just can’t focus on anything anymore – except the pain I’m feeling in my muscles.

4 – Take A Bath

A good, hot bath might be a pleasant alternative as well on how to unstress. I like to use it as a reward after a long day’s work because it seems to amplify the relaxation.

Taking a bath one or two hours before going to bed has also been found to help you sleep better because it regulates your core body temperature. Try it!

5 – Meditation

Everyone knows about meditation but unfortunately not everyone does it! It’s a shame, because it really works and do wonders!

There are two forms of meditation: mindfulness meditation – being aware of the present moment without trying to chase thoughts away – and concentrative meditation – focusing on one specific target, most commonly your breathing, and chasing all thoughts that may arise without judgment.

Just block out 10 or 15 minutes to unwind anytime that you feel stressed.

6 – Journal/Talk to somebody

It’s never good to hold any feelings back because it always adds up over time and become bigger. It’s especially true in relationships, which is why communication with your partner is extremely important. 

Although most people overlook it, communication with yourself is critical as well! 

Whether you’d like to share your problems to somebody or write everything down onto a piece of paper is up to you – in any case, just let go of stress!

Journaling has countless benefits: it can lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, more self-confidence and a higher I.Q. Of course, it acts as a great way of reducing stress as well.

7 – Breathe

Anyone a bit knowledgeable on the subject should know that breathing is the foundation of well-being. If you don’t master it, stress can literally emanates from it.

The fact is that stress triggers certain responses in our bodies, which causes our breathing to go shallow. A change in breathing usually tips us off that we’re experiencing a change in emotion.

Oddly enough, the opposite is also true! In other words, breathing shallow will immediately activate the stress response in your body; the two are interconnected.

Deep and slow diaphragmatic breathing are the best! Remember this anytime you feel stressed.

8 – Change Your Focus

Haven’t you already experienced this a few times in your life? One day, you feel very stressed and depressed because nothing seems to work in your life. For whatever reason, you get some contact with another human beings and before you know it, you’re feeling great! 

This person isn’t a magician, all they did is change your focus! 

It’s no wonder that you’re worrying when you’re focusing on all the problems going on in your life. My favorite answer when it comes to how to unstress easily is invariably: do something! 

In fact, this goes back to the power of moving your body: it shifts your focus from the problem to your body. You can use this technique in a different way: watch a compelling movie, talk with your friends about a subject you’re passionated about…

9 – Drink Tea

Tea has been shown to impart tons of relaxation benefits by creating an ideal ‘’chill-out’’ moment. Ideally, drink decaffeinated tea so that you can get the best relation possible.

A 2017 study published in the journal ‘Nutrients’ showed that participants were able to fall asleep more easily, and felt much less stressed out after drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea.

Don’t deprive yourself of healthy drinks!

10 – Yell

Are you unsure about how to unstress? Just yell. Why do you think that people in relationships like to shout when they argue? It’s not to get their point across, but because it changes the way they feel.

Whenever you feel a bit tense and irritated, don’t hold back and let it go.

11 – Spend Time With Animals

Do you have a pet? If so, spending them and play with them can prove to be a wonderful way of destressing very easily!
Petting an animal can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease cortisol – the stress hormone.

12 – Clean Up

Although this might sound like a chore who will stress you even more – there are multiple benefits that comes with it. 

First, it makes you move your body. Second, it changes your focus. Finally, it makes you feel good when you get some instant-gratification pleasure from cleaning a dusty place.

13 – Aromatherapy

When it comes to stress-relief, aromatherapy have been shown to carry amazing benefits. For instance, some scents improve cognitive performance and mood and possess sedative effects.

Rosemary is especially effective as a stress-relief scent. It has the ability to reduce cortisol levels – and so stress in the same manner.

14 – Identify Stress Triggers

I always say to people that awareness is the first step because it’s half the battle. If you identify your enemy, then you can start counterattacking.

Are there things in your environment that may act as stress-triggers? For instance, display your tax return in a place you can easily see might not be the best idea – you’re going to feel stressed each time that you come and go!

15 – Change Your Environment

Once you’re aware of your triggers, it’s time to get rid of them. You should design your environment so that it is the most empowering possible; not the other way around.

Think about all the things or people that make your life harder than it should be, and once you’re aware of it, discard them or strategically place them away from you.

16 – Gratitude

I’ve always had a hard time with gratitude because I always was the overthinking-type of person. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing way to release stress when you learn the ropes!

Simply close your eyes and put both your hands on your heart. Think about what makes you feel thankful, and feel it. Once again, this changes your focus and put you in a feel-good state.

17 – Sex

Making love is a great stress-reliever as well. It helps lower your cortisol levels, as shown in this study. Sex also releases a host of feel-good hormones such as endorphins.

Surely, there must be a reason why nature made sex so important to the survival of our species!

18 – Spiritual Beliefs

Being more spiritual can be very effective to reduce stress because it makes you tap into your faith: which allows you to trust the process more and stop overthinking problems.

What are some spiritual beliefs that you have or could develop in order to get rid of stress? For instance, a belief that says, ‘’I’m guided by God’’ can prove to be very useful.

19 – Acupuncture 

Acupuncture releases endorphins and activates natural pain killers which means that it’s worth looking into if you’re interested in other ways to unstress!

20 – Buy a Plant

Once again, interacting with nature itself is an interesting way of destressing. But it doesn’t make it less efficient! Active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress, studies say. 

21 – Light a Candle

Candles have power too! They are scientifically proven to soothe us. Not only does the candle’s flame help in the process, but the scent can benefit you as well.

How To Unstress Easily And Instantly

I’ve shared with you the 21 best ways that I know on how to unstress. Some of them are more practical and effective than others, but I recommend that you try them all so that you know what works best for you.

As for me, breathing works the best. There’s nothing like a good, deep diaphragmatic breathing to ensure that my body releases any tension or stress it may withhold.

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