What are you grateful for, right now in your life ? No matter how tough or horrible your life may seem to be, I can guarantee you that there are things you could be grateful for, right now.

How about being grateful for having eyes – which I assume you do have otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article, for having the ability to see ? Most people aren’t grateful for most of what they have, because they are taking it for granted.

Taking something for granted implies that you think that once you have it, you can’t lose it. That’s entirely false. You can lose everything, whether it be your ability to see, to hear, to smell, to breathe, to walk… or even to live. So, why aren’t you grateful for these things ? Just because you have it today doesn’t mean that you’ll have it tomorrow.

Today’s subject is not about gratefulness in general, but about the questions you can ask yourself, and the words you can use to empower yourself.

This article is the third, and last one of the ”How To Easily Change Your State And Be Happier” series (click here to read ”How To Easily Change Your State And Be Much Happier Part 1” and here to read ”How To Easily Change Your State And Be Much Happier Part 2”). I highly recommend you go read the two other parts if you haven’t done it already, as it constitutes a puzzle that this article will give the last piece of.

As mentionned multiple times, each technique are very powerful on their own, but they have even greater power when used together. Remember, you must practice these techniques every single day if you want them to really impact your life for the better. Doing once is not enough, you must keep doing it. What I like about these techniques is that -although the longer the better, you can just spend 5 minutes doing it.

Let’s dive right into it: how can language be used as a way to empower yourself ?

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

First, by the questions you ask yourself.

See the questions I asked you earlier ? What did it make you think about ? It made you think about what you were grateful for in your life, it made you focus on something to be grateful for. After all, for each question, your brain wants an answer. So, if you look for something to be grateful for, your brain will find it.

Now, questions are very powerful to trigger emotional states. For instance, if you want more motivation, you could simply ask yourself : ”Why do I love this ?”, and your brain will automatically start to look for answers regarding ”why you love this”, which will motivate you.

For instance, if I were to ask my brain this very same question right now, here’s what I would say : ”I love to write articles because it not only allows me to impact the lives of thousands of people by positively transforming their lives, it also allows me to reinforce what I’ve learned to greatly improve my own life !” Boom, I’m getting excited!

No matter what you ask your brain, it will automatically be actively looking for answers. So use it to your advantage !

Feel it

Here’s a little tip as well : don’t try to ‘understand’ your answer, but FEEL your answer. Human beings are creatures of feeling. We’re either happy, or sad, or angry, or whatever you want… but we’re always feeling a certain way. Don’t ‘think about it’, but FEEL it. Feel it vibrating through your blood cells.


Another powerful usage of the language you use is through the words you choose to express yourself. I’m not even talking about speaking to somebody else, but about speaking to yourself, which will either positively or negatively influence your behavior.

Let’s say that you would like to learn a new language, say russian. How would you feel if you ever told yourself : ”You know what, I want to try to learn that language.”

Do you want to try, or do you want to succeed ?

This is all about the words you pick. If you tell yourself that ‘you want to try’, then that’s exactly what you’re going to do : you’re going to try, nothing more. Instead, how about you say to yourself something like :

”I’m going to commit to learning russian for the next 5 years.”

Boom. This is instantly more powerful as now you’re showing determination through your words, but did you know you could make that even more exciting ?

Yes, you could add what I like to call ”empowering words” :

”I’m going to commit to learning russian for the next 5 years because this is my purpose, this is what I love and I know that I’m going to love the process !”

That’s it. Just adding words like this allowed you to feel stronger about your desire to learn russian.

If you want to feel even more excited, you could use your BODY as explained in part 2 of this series. You can make exaggerated gestures, smile, shout, and jump up and down as you say this to yourself. You can even put music in the background to feel even more motivated.

Then, you may say : ”That’s great, but what about the other days when I feel depressed and unmotivated ?”. And that’s true, there are days you are going to feel like you don’t want to learn russian, days where you feel unmotivated. And you know what ? That’s just fine.

Because you are going to repeat this same process every single day.

As I said, don’t do it just once, but each and every day. I, too, find my motivation wearing off after I sleep 8 hours. However, the worst thing you can do is to passively wait for motivation to come back. No, what you want to do is to proactively create that motivation each and every day by using the techniques I shared with you.

Do you know why sometimes you ‘don’t feel like doing it’ even though you’d love to do it ? It’s because of the state you’re in.

Let’s pretend you feel kind of sad one day. I can guarantuee you that this emotional state of yours will (negatively) affect all your plans for the day. Since you’ll feel bad, you won’t feel like working.

What about the opposite ? Well, it works just the same ! If you’re happy and overflowing with energy, you’re going to crush it! That’s why I want you to understand how important it is to be able to change your state in a matter of minutes.

Once you put yourself in the best state possible, you are going to take massive actions which will lead you to the outcome you’ve always dreamed of ! Isn’t that wonderful ? We could even simplify it as ”Good Emotional State = Results”, as a good emotional state will make you take action, which will inevitably give you the results you want.

Always keep practicing, every single day. No matter how you feel before you do any of that, using all the techniques I’ve shared with you in this series will considerably improve your state and you’ll be able to achieve so much more !