In the previous article ”How To Easily Change Your State And Be Happier”, I hinted that there were multiple ways to change your state. Due to the length of the previous blog post, I decided I would dedicate one article on each way. Note that each one of these methods are powerful on their own, but that there are even more efficient when you apply them all.

If you haven’t read part 1, I highly recommend you do before doing anything else as it’s a core component as to the how you can change your state.

As I said last time, you should not allow the external world to dictate how you feel, which means that you must not ”hope” to be a in certain state, but you must trigger it yourself, regardless of the emotion you want to experience more.

The previous part talked about how you should direct your focus on whatever makes you feel (happy, confident, motivated, etc..), as focus is a determining factor as to how you feel in the moment.

Now, today I want to talk about how you can multiply the effects of focusing. It’s a technique you may also use individually, but I do suggest you primarily use it with all the other techniques for a better result.

How The Human Body Works

Do you know the differences between someone who’s confident, and someone who’s not?

There are actually two of them. One is more apparent that the other, and I’m going to talk about this one in this article. The other will be the subject of the last article of this series.

Two people enter in a room. They are facing you as they walk into the room, who is sitting on a chair, which gives you a perfect look at the two of them. One walks into the room head up, a smirk slightly appearing on his face. He is standing up straight, his shoulders are back, and he walks slowly but with determination, looking at each person in the eyes, including you. When he finally is at the center of the room, everybody looks at him.

Following him is someone else, who enters the room at approximately the same time. He makes himself smaller, trying not to bring too much attention to him. He looks down, with slumped shoulders.

However, unlike the other guy, no one seems to notice him, why ?

The answer is body language.

One appears more confident, whereas the other appears more introvert. Body language doesn’t lie. You can instantly grasp someone by looking at their behavior. If a person looks down, it might mean multiple things. Depending on the context and on other signals, it might mean they’re sad, or depressed. It might also mean they’re hiding something. There are multiple signs that the brain send to the body, which gives away your thoughts and emotions. This is called physiology.


Did you know that body language also affected how you feel ?

Do me a favor, and put on your favorite music. Put on a music that makes you blood cells vibrate, that makes you feel alive and that excites you. As soon as you start listening, moving… dancing, don’t you feel better ? This is how physiology is important in changing your emotional state.

On the contrary, if you put on some sad music (and even start focusing on something sad), guess how would you feel… ?

Physiology is a great way to change your emotional state in an instant.

As I said, it’s even more powerful when you use it along with the other technique I’ve been talking about in the last article.

If you start making broad, exaggerated movements as well as dancing and jumping up and down, you can’t help but feel better. Conversely, if you look down, make yourself smaller and keep your mouth shut, you couldn’t help but feel depressed.

Human beings are creatures of rythm, that’s why we can’t help but move according to the rythm of a music. Use it to your advantage.

Warming-up your voice is also a great way to improve your vocal range, having a more decisive tone and thus feel incredible ! I’m not sure about you, but I’ve tried multiple things regarding my voice when I speak with someone. Here’s what I noticed : I feel WAY more confident, when I have a deep, loud, profound, warm-up voice than when I don’t warm-up ! It shows how even the voice can change our attitude.

There are plenty of ways to warm-up your voice, and there’s a lot of free content out there. However, if you’re looking for the best course out there, I would without hesitation recommand Roger Love’s course ”The Perfect Voice” that I’ve been through and that I’m still going through every day to improve my voice, it made a huge difference in my voice.

In short, the more depressed you feel, the more your body language shows it, and so the more you feel depressed. However the opposite is also true : the more confident you feel, the more you body language shows it, and the more you feel confident. Isn’t that great ?

Now, you know what to do !

Put on some music, start moving around, focusing on what makes you feel awesome and you’ll feel awesome !

Don’t forget to practice this every single day, you don’t want to just ”know it” but you want to do it consistenly for it to change your life !