We all fail in life. Whether you’re super popular, or ultra rich.. doesn’t change that fact. This is a constant variable of life. Someone who does not fail, does not live. If you think that you never fail, then you’re looking away from the truth.

I’ve already written an article on failure. In fact, I’m not really fond of my first articles -since my writing is improving each time- but I consider them as really important since this is where it all started. I will probably re-write some of my articles one day, but I will never erase them. I’m thankful for every experience that has occured to me in my life. I’m always for accepting the past as it is, and moving on.

Before I start diving into the subject, I recommend you go first read that article: Why Failing is Good – Fail More

Today’s article is not about WHY you SHOULD fail, but more about HOW to REACT when you DO fail. Because as I said, it’s inevitable. YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL.

First, you need to understand WHY you need to fail. Because just like with everything in life, without why, there’s no how. I won’t go on and on about that, since I’ve already made an article on this subject (see the link above). But I’ll summarize a few key points you need to understand before you can apply today’s strategy.

Failure is what’s allowing you to grow to your full potential as a human being.

By failing, you have confirmation that doing a certain thing doesn’t work. Conversely, you also have confirmation that what does work is not what you did.

Basically, failure is feedback.

In a broader sense, failure allows you to grow.

This is the premise of my viewpoint. Now that you understand WHY failing is GOOD.. you need to understand HOW to FEEL GOOD after FAILING. Knowing this is already a huge step, but it’s not all there is to be done to reach that state of mind.

Now that every pieces have been assembled, it’s time to talk about the one million dollars question:

How the hell do you actually deal with failure?

As I said, failure is supposed to be GOOD. How do you react when something good is happening? Say, you got a raise?

That’s right.

You’re.. happy.

That’s it.

The way to deal with failure is by being happy about it.

Not what you were expecting, right?

Now, let’s be a bit more concrete than that, shall we?

You need to celebrate failure

Think about a time where you were happy about someting. Like, when you got a raise.. or succeeded in achieving some goal of yours. Remember that joy? That joy of accomplishment, that joy of sharing it with everybody you know?

That’s PRECISELY it.

I want you to do the same thing with failure.

OK, I know what you’re probably thinking.

It sounds ridiculous, right?

I don’t think we’ve both ever seen someone jumping around yelling : “OH MY GOD I FAILED TODAY!! I FAILED!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH GOD!!”

Maybe not like that. Actually, maybe not even sharing it with others. I mean, if you share it with the wrong people, they’re just going to say : “I knew it, you failed.” or something along those lines. But by any means do share it with the right people, yes.

Anywho, what I’m talking about is: rejoice for having failed. This is why it’s SO important to know the “why”.. you must rejoice for becoming a better person.

People usually have it backwards. They’re sad because they failed. But shouldn’t it be the other way around? They SHOULD be HAPPY. After all, they’ve just grown!

Let’s see it that way: if you keep succeeding.. does that mean you’re perfect? Hell no. You’re either doing things you already know works (so you don’t grow) or you either make mistakes without knowing it because you are lucky. On the other hand, failure teaches you a flaw of yours. Then, it’s your responsibility to fill it and grow from that experience.

That’s why, when you fail… you must celebrate it!

Let’s say you’ve been robbed.

Most people would rage, and be harsh towards themselves for having allowed such a mistake. But not you.

You’re thankful for that. You celebrate it.

“Thank you for showing me this flaw”, you say.

Indeed. This guy may have robbed you $2000 worth of equipment.

But what if?

What if he didn’t, and in the future.. you would have lost $5000 worth of equipment (or more) because of that?

THAT’S THE REASON you should be thankful for.

As I already said many times.. it’s just FEEDBACK.

It’s just an another opportunity for you to fill that flaw, nothing else.

So, be happy about it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

After all, failing allows you to grow as a person.