About Me


Hi, I’m Lorenzo Ferrara, the founder of Furudo and welcome to my website.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have-it-all, and yet feel extremely unhappy with their lives? On the other hand, why do some people who seem to have nothing can sometimes be the happiest people in the world?

This question was the starting point of my new life, the day I decided to take my life into my own hands and learn more about the vast world of self-development.

I’ve created Furudo as a way to answer this question: the happiest people in the world are not happy because they’re lucky, but because there are things that they do consistently that define them and that shape them. Since then, I’ve been on an ongoing journey to find out what is it that those successful, happy and fulfilled people do on a daily-basis to replicate the successes that they had to apply it into my own life as well as in other people’s lives.

The sad truth is that most people live life unconsciously without ever knowing that they could claim the life they deserve at any moment. It’s for that reason that I’ve decided to write articles about techniques and principles that positively transformed my life so that I can impact tons of people and impact their lives as well.

Although we’re all at different stages of our lives, I strongly believe that we can get value out of anything. I’m writing my articles in the hope of changing people’s lives no matter their circumstances. Whether it be about relationships, well-being, productivity & time management.. I’m sharing with you the very same techniques that I’ve used to turn my life around.


I started my self-development journey at 17 years old after realizing that the path I was walking down on wasn’t what I wanted and what I was truly capable of. My life was simply dictated by the people around me based on their own experience, which I thought was the only way at the time.

I eventually got tired of it, and luckily stumbled upon a YouTube video that changed my life forever.

Since that day, I’ve never stopped trying to improve myself in every area of my life, such as my emotions, my health, my relationships and my finances. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in myself by going through courses or reading books and have made tremendous progress into my life.

My life took another turn when my mother passed away. Luckily, however, I was already equipped with the tools that allowed me to go through this tough challenge and become the person that I am today.