In this day and age, cheating has become easier than ever before. The rise of social media have enabled us to literally connect with anybody anywhere in the world. 

And if that wasn’t enough already, pictures in advertising about what women supposedly look like are also actively contributing in altering men’s perception of women. 

According to the U.S. General Social Survey, twenty percent of men (admitted) having cheated on their partner. Of course, the number is probably even higher than that.

Trust is an important component of any relationship – but it doesn’t mean being blinded. Doubting your partner and finally finding out the unpleasant truth may ultimately allow you to move towards a healthier relationship.

Is the man of your dreams cheating on you? In this article, we will go over the 7 signs your man is already cheating, or going to cheat on you.

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1 – He’s Closed Off

Although good and healthy communication isn’t the norm, communicating is still better than no communication at all. However, being totally closed off is a good indicator that something is wrong in the relationship. 

Keep in mind that some people naturally have a hard time opening up. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s contemplating cheating on you.

Using his past behaviours as a reference point might prove to be effective: has he always been the kind of withdrawn man? Or has he been this way for a couple of months only? Did any stressful event suddenly happened in his life?

2 – He Does Not Initiate Sex Anymore

Passion is a missing ingredient in a lot of relationships, once the ‘’honeymoon phase’’ wears off. There is nothing suspicious about that. But if your man has completely stopped initiating sex – or worse, even rejects you, then something is definitely going on.

It could be an indicator that he’s already being satisfied by somebody else, or that he’s not as emotionally involved with you as he used to be.

3 – He’s Distant

If your usually-affectionate lover suddenly grows distant and stop showing you signs of love – it should arouse suspicions.

Some circumstances may justify this type of behaviour, such as z death of a loved one. But if nothing worries him, then there should be room for concern.

4 – He Stops Trying To Please You

Every couple know the ‘’honeymoon phase’’ in the beginning of a relationship where both parties feel a compelling attraction and drive to do anything that would make their other half happy.

The fact that this honeymoon phase wears off isn’t necessarily a bad sign, as it’s an inevitable part of any relationship. But your man suddenly stopping to make any effort to please you is one.

Does he stop doing things you like? Helping you?

5 – He Has Strange Behaviours

One of the most common habits people have when cheating is to suddenly put a password on their phone or computer so that their lover won’t be able to access it and see compromising stuff.

Other signs involve taking their phone with them during the shower, or anything else of the sort suspicious.

If he had nothing to hide, then he wouldn’t resort to doing such things.

6 – He Suddenly Starts Preening

Everyone takes care of themselves during the honeymoon phase to look good and impress the one we love. But if your man starts preening when meeting with other women, it could mean that he’s cheating on you or intends to.

Not only clothing, but our way of being usually drastically changes when we’re interacting with somebody we like. 

If he’s being being cold and distant with you but very cheerful with other women, this could be the sign of a man cheating or at least with this intent.

7 – He Stops Spending Time With You

Is he spending a lot of time with other people but not you? This could be a red flag indicating that he’s seeing spending time with you as a waste of time. 

Not having time is a lame excuse – because we always find time for whatever we’re truly committed for. Especially if he finds time to hang out with his buddies but not you, he’s definitely lost the spark.

7 Signs Your Man Is Going To Cheat On You

Those are the 7 signs men may show when cheating on their woman.

Keep in mind that just because he shows one or two of those signs doesn’t mean he is going to cheat on you. Obviously, being busy isn’t a sign by itself. But if signs add up more and more, it may be time to wonder what’s really going on.

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