The very first thought you have right when you wake up is very important: whether it is a positive one or not will dictate the rest of your day.

One thought usually leads to another, until you condition one pattern for the day. If your first thought is negative, then chances are by the time you start the day you’ll have established the wrong pattern – and here goes another day.

On the other hand, if you start the day right by having more positive thoughts.. it will inevitably translate into the rest of your day.

The best way to live a happy, fulfilling life is to condition yourself to have the right thoughts. To that end, I always recommend to incorporate any empowering habit to your morning ritual – your hour of power, whatever you do before you decide to take on the day.

In this article, you will discover the 27 positive thought of the day you can have from the moment you wake up to start the day in the best way possible. Later on, we’ll discuss 3 easy ways that you can be happier in your life.

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Table of Contents

Positive Thought Of The Day #1 – ”Thank You For Giving Me Another Day, God!”

positive thought of the day

We never think about it because we’ve been used to waking up each and every morning. It has become no big deal for us to wake up alive, it is just normal.

This is how most people think, but the truth is that we could go to sleep and never wake up ever again. There is no certainty that there will be a tomorrow, apart from the illusion that most people buy into.

Whether you are a religious person or not doesn’t matter ; by attributing this to a higher existence (whether you refer to it as ‘’God’’ or ‘’The Universe’’ doesn’t matter), it gives us the feeling that we have been given a gift we get to enjoy.

Positive Thought Of The Day #2 – ”Today Is One More Opportunity For Me To Contribute To The World!”

The most simplest, easiest and effortless way of feeling happy for anybody is to contribute. Human beings get tremendous pleasure for getting out of themselves and giving something of (perceived) value to another human being.

Have you ever donated money to somebody, whether it be to a homeless person on the street or for a charity? There is no better feeling than knowing that you contributed to somebody else in some way and made their life better.

Contribution can have many forms: it can be money (the amount doesn’t matter), time (physically volunteer) or any other resources. As long as you’re giving something away for free, you’re contributing!

Make contribution a priority in your life.

Positive Thought Of The Day #3 – ”I Love My Life!”

Many people wake up full of regrets and disappointments. If you live this way, you won’t feel like doing anything!

Instead, acknowledge what a great life you have and give yourself a good reason to take on the day. You love your life, so you want to experience more of it!

What good does it do to endure life if you can enjoy it instead?

You don’t need to win the lottery and be friends with everybody to love your life, you just need to identify the good things about it. What are you grateful for? 

Positive Thought Of The Day #4 – ”Today Is One More Step Towards My Goals!”

Goals are very important as it requires us to first have a vision (the destination), as well as goals which are the compass for you to reach it. Setting goal is the best way to move towards the future you desire.

Every single day, you must remind yourself of what’s the purpose of your life and how you plan on achieving it. If you wake up without knowing that, you’ll inevitably spend your day procrastinating on things that don’t matter.

Set goals that inspire, drive you and get excited!

Positive Thought Of The Day #5 – ”One Event Can Change My Entire Life”

The beauty of life is that virtually anything can change your life forever, whether it be that article you’re reading or a movie you’re watching. Look forward to the fact that you may discover something that will have a profound impact on your life.

Even one small thing such as a sentence you’ve heard on the radio or someone you meet can turn your life around.

Positive Thought Of The Day #6 – ”I Get To Live An Abundant Life”

We live in an abundant world so much so that it would be a waste not to recognize it. Unfortunately, many people don’t.

Constantly remind yourself that everything you need, you can have.

Positive Thought Of The Day #7 – ”I Can Get Anything That I Want”

No matter what’s going on in your life, you don’t need other people’s opinions. You can get anything that you want if you really want to and work for it.

Too many people allow their environment to dictate their beliefs and the way they think. As a result, they have huge limiting beliefs such as: ‘’I’m not enough’’, or ‘’I can get only what life wants me to get.’’ These beliefs will destroy your life.

Instead, use this positive thought to empower your and make your day better.

Positive Thought Of The Day #8 – ”I’m Proactive, Not Reactive”

Most people get average results and settle for it in their lives because they are reactive: they live their life responding to the demands of everybody else.

Being proactive means that you know what you need to do and do it first, before trying to please everybody else.

Positive Thought Of The Day #9 – ”Other People Love Me!”

How many times did you actually acknowledge how much the people around you love you? 

It’s become so easy in today’s world to criticize and compare ourselves with other people that we forget that we are actually loved. Don’t forget the people that actually enjoy your presence.

Positive Thought Of The Day #10 – ”Today Is A Winning Day For Me!”

What better way is there to start the day in the best way possible than to expect it to be the best day in your life?

No matter what happens, if you keep the thought that everything is going in your favor, you’ll crush it.

Positive Thought Of The Day #11 – ”My Presence Lights Up Other People’s Day!”

The very strength of empowering beliefs is that it doesn’t have to be true, but it still gives you confidence.

By believing that your presence lights up other people’s day – whether it is true or not – you will act differently and it is going to affect the way you interact with people.

Positive Thought Of The Day #12 – ”The Only Time I Don’t Smile Is When There’s A Dead Body In The Room”

positive thought of the day

The quickest way to feel good and think positive for the day ahead is to add humor to your thought!

This sentence presupposes that you smile all the time, which is why it’s so powerful.

Each time you find yourself frowning, think: ‘’Is there a dead body in the room?’’ If not, then chances are you’ll start smiling when you realize how outrageous this statement is!

Positive Thought Of The Day #13 – ”I Never Fail, I Learn”

positive thought of the day

There is a crucial mindset shift most people need to make, and that is that failing is not bad. It is an opportunity to learn.

If you understand this concept, then it’s inevitably going to make your day better. Look forward to failing, the more you fail and the more you will grow.

Positive Thought Of The Day #14 – ”Life Doesn’t Happen To Me, It Happens For Me”

A lot of people endure life because they have the belief that life have a grudge against them. When you think that way, you are naturally going to live a very negative life.

Instead, make life your friend: everything that happens to you, even the worst things, do not happen to destroy you but to make you better.

Life challenges you to make you stronger.

Positive Thought Of The Day #15 – ”The Past Does Not Equal The Future”

Nobody can change if they keep living in the past. What happened does not determine what will happen.

No matter how much you failed and got stamped on in the past, it does not mean that the same thing will happen in the future. Always expect the best for your life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people focus on the past way too much. You will never be happy if you do that. Instead, focus on the present and the future.

Positive Thought Of The Day #16 – ”All I Need Is Within Me Now!”

positive thought of the day

So many people focus on what they don’t have instead of thinking about what they do have. As a matter of fact, you already have everything you need within you, it’s just a matter of bringing it out.

This positive thought tell your subconscious mind that you are enough and don’t need anything else to become worthy.

Positive Thought Of The Day #17 – ”The Best Is Yet To Come”

Always expect that the present day may surpass the previous one.

When you anticipate it to happen, you’re going to be much more excited about living your life – after all today might be ‘the best’.

No matter how bad or good your life might be, you will inevitably have better experiences!

Positive Thought Of The Day #18 – ”Everything I Touch Is A Success”

positive thought of the day

One of the reason why there are so many dabblers out there instead of masters, is that people don’t believe in themselves. As a result, it translates to the results they get: nothing.

Teach your subconscious mind that everything you want to accomplish, you can accomplish. You will eventually reap the benefits.

Positive Thought Of The Day #19 – ”My Life Is A Series Of Successful Choices”

Every decision that you made made you a better person in some way. In that sense, your life really is a series of successful choices!

Believing that you made the right choices is very important as it builds your self-esteem. Many people look back on the past and have regrets about what things they did or didn’t do.

Positive Thought Of The Day #20 – ”I Control My Inner World”

No matter what happens in the external world and how it makes you feel, you get to decide how you want to feel. You are in control.

As long as you keep that thought in mind, nothing will be able disturb you.

Positive Thought Of The Day #21 – ”I Care For People More Than They Do For Themselves”

Genuinely caring for people instead of focusing on ourselves is the best way to build healthy, sustainable and valuable relationships. 

Repeating this positive thought allow you to etch this principal in your mind.

Positive Thought Of The Day #22 – ‘’I Always Listen With Intent’’

Not only will you build better relationships with people if you listen with intent, but you may also learn something new that may completely change your life.

Positive Thought Of The Day #23 – ”I Accomplish Anything I Set My Mind To”

Too many people set goals without ever achieving them. In fact, studies have shown that only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions!

Each morning, having the thought that you never back out will truly be beneficial. As your mind will start to believe it, your behavior will follow your words.

Positive Thought Of The Day #24 – ”Today, I’m Brimming With Energy And Overflowing With Joy!”

There is no better way to start the day after a bad night’s sleep than to look for energy and joy within you. This positive thought allows you to fake it until you make it.

Positive Thought Of The Day #25 – ”I Have Been Given Endless Talents Which I Begin To Utilize Today!”

Look forward to using the gifts you have been gifted.

Positive Thought Of The Day #26 – ”Today, I Abandon My Old Habits And Take Up New, More Positive Ones”

This positive thought marks the end of your old life, and the start of your new life.

No matter what disempowering habit you’re having in your life, this thought will help you replace it with a new, empowering one.

Positive Thought Of The Day #27 – ”The Universe Supports Me”

Having the thought that someone or something does actually care for you may tremendously help you at certain stages of your life.

No matter what happens to you, if you believe that everything has a purpose and that the universe has purposely put you into that situation so that you can learn something from it, you’ll get over it much quicker.

Now that you have these 27 positive thought of the day, you are almost ready to start each day happy and empowered! Repeating these positive thoughts every single day will be very effective, but some bad habits of yours might considerably diminish its effects.

Let’s talk about 3 easy ways that you can be happier in your life right now!


When it comes to being present, most people are bad at it. They have a tendency to either focus on the past, which you can’t change, or the future, which you can. In either case, none of them will ever bring you happiness.

  • The Past is about events that are over and done with, but many people persist in focusing on it as if they could have any kind of influence on it. All it does is reopening old wounds and making you suffer.
  • The Future is about anticipation: what is going to happen, which is why oftentimes, focusing too much on it may trigger anxiety and fear. The future is made up of goals and visions, which makes it great for achievement but horrible for happiness.
  • The Present, on the other hand, is the only period in which you have a direct impact. Although the events of the past are long gone and those of the future still on their way, the present moment is now.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about the past and the future: there is still value in it.

Namely, it’s important to learn from our mistakes and as such, makes it very valuable to think back on the past. In the same way, knowing where you want to go in life is essential which makes the act of thinking about the future crucial as well.

There needs to be a balance between focusing on the past, the present and the future.

How To Use The Power Of Now

There are many ways to stop thinking about the past or the future and start focusing on the present moment. One of which is extremely well-known: meditation. This practice is all about getting out of your head which helps tremendously feel the present moment.

Taking deep breaths and focusing on your breathing is a very good strategy to use the power of now. Other than that, you could focus on anything else that’s in your environment right now: a clock ticking, the wind… and it will slowly bring you back to the present moment.


Values are what determine the way we feel about something, and how important it is to us. Our actions are a direct reflection of the values we have.

For instance, if one of your values is that there is nothing more important than family in life, then chances are you’ll live a totally different life than someone whose primary value is to have fun and like adventure.

Someone who treasures fun and adventure in life will be very likely to travel a lot, whereas someone who treasure their family a lot will be very likely to stay with them most of the time. It doesn’t mean that you can’t both love your family and travel, but if your first value is to cherish them, then you’ll spend more time with them because it’s who you are.

Anything can wind up in our list of values: family, fun, adventure, friends, honesty, contribution… More importantly, happiness can be valued too!


Although we all value happiness, we value it at different levels. Could you imagine how different of a life you would live if you valued success more than happiness, as opposed to valuing happiness more than success? 

In the first case, you would be miserable until you do get a sense of achievement. In the second case, you would be happy all the time regardless of what happens because there would be no condition on your happiness!

The first thing you need to do is to make a decision: that of valuing happiness more than anything else.

This is the first step towards living an extraordinary life. Once you do that, you need to make this value part of your identity. Up until now, you have been influenced by circumstances or other people which is the reason why you value what you value.

Everyday, you need to consistently read out loud – and more importantly say it with passion, believe in what you say! – your new list of value, with happiness being number 1 so that you can remember it anytime. Then, each time you find yourself slipping and not following your new value list, just take control of your thoughts and change your behavior! It’s that simple.

After a certain number of times, without realizing it, you’ll have valued happiness and won’t need to give it any attention – you’ll simply live this way.



First, let’s define it: a rule (or a belief) is something that tells you how things should be, and if things aren’t that way, it will frustrate you.

Most often than not, rules operate on a subconscious level – we aren’t aware of it, but they do exist. For instance, let’s talk about a common-shared rule, that says: ”If this person does not look at me in the eyes when I’m talking to them, it means that they don’t care about what I’m saying.”

Usually, this is typically the structure of a rule: ”If… then it means that..”

Just like values, our rules have been forged through time by experiences, and people. Rules are a way for your brain to tell you: ”If this rule is not followed, you will experience massive pain.” Now, can you see how limiting rules can be?

Although you do believe that your rules are true, most of them not. They’re just your own interpretations of what something means.


For instance, if you’re going to talk to somebody that doesn’t look at you in the eyes, you will start feeling angry and frustrated that this person doesn’t listen to you, even though this person may have a totally different reason not to look at you in the eye.

Maybe they’re just shy. It might even be a cultural difference, or whatever.

Now, can rules be beneficial? Of course. For example, we all have a rule that says: ”If I get hit by somebody, then it means this person is an enemy.” which helps us not getting killed.


Here is the interesting part: do you have any rules that prevent you from being happy? If you’re not already happy right now, you probably do.

In order to find that out, all you need to do is answer this one question: what need to happen for you to be happy?

When asked this question, a lot of people usually answer in the same way: more money, a wife/husband, good weather, being popular…

All of these are what are preventing them from being happy. Some people even come up with crazy answers, impossible to fulfill, such as: ”I need for everyone to love me”, which cannot be done.

On the other hand, some people have more simple, better and realistic answers, such as: ”All I need is to wake up alive!”. If that’s all your need to be happy, then you’re on way to living a great life!

What rules do you need to get rid of in order for you to be happy? Identity as many as you can and get rid of them to live the life of your dreams.

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