The very existence of long-distance relationships goes to show that love has no barriers: It can happen at anytime and everywhere with anybody.. but it doesn’t come without problems.

Depending on your personality type, those problems can vary. Are you the type of person that needs to feel another human being’s warmth on a consistent basis? Or would you rather spend most of your time away from them?

Not only that, but the distance separating the two can differ as well. In other words, the problems you’ll potentially face will change too.

I have personally been in a long distance relationship with my partner who was living more than 6,000 mile away from me at the time. This caused a great deal of problems to occur which fortunately are behind us now.

Let’s dive into the 13 long distance relationship problems that you should be aware of before committing to this kind of relationship.

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Universal Long Distance Relationship Problems

1 – Loneliness

This is hands-down one of the most painful problem that you could ever experience in a long distance relationship. Although internet has made it easier for couples to connect and have fun together, it doesn’t always work that way.

In my case, connecting with my girlfriend on a daily-basis via Skype made me realize how far apart we were from each other.

No matter where you stand – expect to feel lonely and get ready to face this problem if you get into a long distance relationship.

2 – Depend On Them

I know It can sound counter-intuitive because how can you depend on someone you’ve never met?

Being apart from each other can create a sense of lack and neediness. As a result, you will be more likely to make them your priority in life.

Think about it, what do you focus on when your stomach is empty because you haven’t eaten in a day? Your friends? Family? No way.

All you can think about is the food that you need to eat as soon as possible in order to feel good. Yes, this sense of neediness can be as strong as hunger or any other human need.

3 – Jealousy

Everyone feels some kind of jealousy once in a while. It happens to all relationships, independently of distance. And it’s not necessarily unhealthy.The problem lies in the fact that you have absolutely zero control over your partner.

Now, I do believe that love is also about giving your loved one the freedom to leave. In other words, letting go of control .

But even if they were to cheat on you, you would have no clue because of the distance which often times drives people nuts. I get it, I’ve been through that stage too.

4 – Fear Of Disappointing

You’ve been discussing with your soulmate every day for weeks or even months.. you’re on a roll. Not only that, but you also plan to meet with each other soon.

Even though you feel sudden excitement and love, something is not quite right and so you ask yourself: are they going to like me in real life too? What if they don’t?

This can often be a problem in distance relationships, especially for people with low self-esteem. Up until now you could have gotten by with some tactics and strategies.. but the ”game” ends here.

5 – Fear Of Being Disappointed

Text messages, photos and even videos only tell us so much about someone. There are plenty of evidence on the internet that show that virtually anybody can appear one way or another.

In my own experience, I’ve had some videos in which I appeared like the God of beauty. But in other videos, I appeared a little bit differently, to say the least… How could you possible know which one to trust when I don’t even know myself?

When it’s not the fear of disappointed the other, it’s often the fear of being disappointed. What if the one you love lied to you in any way? This is a common problem in long distance relationships, at least before you actually meet in person.

6 – Withdrawal

When it comes to long distance relationships, a common problem is to withdraw yourself from the conversation. After all, no one will be able to pursue the discussion unless you’re willing to.

This is often true during arguments. Not only might your partner benefit themselves from withdrawal – and escape the pain of the conversation – but they can also use it as a way to hurt you at the same time.

7 – No Intimacy

Now, you could get creative and use your imagination to get some kind of intimacy with your partner even in a long distance relationship.. but not the natural, best and highest-level of intimacy.

It doesn’t refer only to sexual relations – but kiss and hugs as well.

Physical touch is one of the 5 Love Languages, along with – quality time, acts of service, gifts and words of affirmations. If physical touch is how you receive love like I did, expect to get yourself into quite an adventure.

8 – No Real Support

Love in a long distance relationship couldn’t be more genuine: it’s the proof that it’s not only about physical and sexual attraction.

However, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the support that you need from them. The distance often creates a gap between in the couple which cannot be filled by a long distance relationship.

For instance, when a tough situation arises or somebody you love dies.. the support of your loved one won’t be as effective as it would in real life.

9 – Limited Activities Together

There are only so much things that you can do with your partner through internet.

As great as it is, it’s in no way similar to spending quality time with them in their presence.

This can often lead to boredom and feelings of being stuck in a rut. Conversations may start to become redundant too and it could affect the relationship in a very negative way.

What’s more, the best experiences that forge incredibly good memories are usually the ones that we physically experience with intense emotion.

10 – Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings aren’t exclusive to long distance relationship, but if you want to get into one, except this problem to arise massively.

Sometimes you might say something in a way that your other half will interpret in another way – which will cause useless conflict between the two of you.

During those time, it’s important to remain calm and clearly explain why you said what you said.

Long Distance Relationship Problems For International Lovers

Is your loved one from another part of the world? Then this section is for you! There are a few more challenges that you should expect before entering a long distance relationship if you both live in different countries, but don’t panic – it’s almost over!

11 – Timezone

Depending on your availability, it can get quite tricky to align your schedules to spend time together.

This can also widens the gaps between the both of us and make you feel more lonely than ever before. While you may be thinking about them in your bed, they just may be off to work.

Blocking off some time for each other is extremely important in that case.

12 – Language/Cultural Barriers

Living in different countries often means different languages and cultures. This can be quite a challenge for a lot of people.

In fact, it can play against you and make your communication fragile. Most people are not willing to adapt which is why this can be the cause of a lot of struggles.

13 – Expensive

Getting in a long distance relationship requires money: not only do you need to pay for flight tickets, but you may also need to stay in a hotel in some cases. Everybody isn’t well-to-do which might turn out to be a huge problem if you and your partner aren’t ready or able to live together.

Distance Relationship Problems – Conclusion

A distance relationship isn’t easy; it requires a lot of work. But it’s totally worth it if it means that it will improve your life in every aspect. 

Problems aren’t exclusive to this type of relationships. Every relationship has its own challenges but the ability to go through them and grow is what will ultimately lead you down the path of happiness and fulfillment.

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