I don’t know of anybody who has never been in love – one of the strongest and most beautiful feeling we get to experience as human beings. It makes everything else seem dull and insignificant and adds spice to our day-to-day lives.

But we all know that such an intense feeling can’t be only positive. After all, anything in life that can make us feel good can also hurt us in some way.

Loving someone who doesn’t like us back, or loving someone who simply fell out of love.. each one of us have experienced heartbreaks of some sort.

But before jumping to conclusions, it would be wise to gauge his level of interest.

The thing is, there are subtle signs that men give away when they’re in love with a woman. Knowing these signs is key as it gives you the ability to adjust your behaviour.

In this article, I will share with you the 10 signs he’s crazy about you.

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10 Signs He’s Crazy About You

1 – He Tries To Get Your Attention

A man in love will do anything to get your attention. There are many ways he can go about that.

Being funny, doing something unique/surprising.. he might even talk about topics you like so that he can captivate you. 

2 – He Looks Hurt When You Talk About/Praise Other Men

A universal sign that people give away when in love is feeling sad/hurt when the one we love give compliments to somebody of the opposite sex. In some cases, just mentioning vaguely a man might be a trigger.

Keep in mind that some people are better than others at hiding those emotions.

When I first fell in love with my partner and she’d told me that she was going to go abroad and stay at some man’s house (not to have to pay a hotel), I was devastated. Anyone could have guessed I had feelings for her by looking at my face.

3 – He’s Willing To Make Compromises

When a man is truly in love – and not just possessive and attached, he will be willing to make compromises any time to make things easier for you. 

Especially during the beginning stages of a relationship, men crazy in love would do anything to make their loved one happy. It doesn’t matter whether this suits him or not – he just wants to make your life simpler and better.

4 – He Will Go Anywhere/Do Anything For You

This one is even more apparent in long-distance relationships – which was my case. Love pushed me to travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars just to be around her.

In everyday life, this would translate to doing anything to stay comfortable with you and you alone. There are no limits as to what he’s able to do just to spend time with you.

5 – He Is Always Here For You

Men love to help women. It makes us feel strong and important. In fact, nothing bothers us more than not to be able to provide for the ones we love.

If your man is always here for you no matter what and when you ask, it’s a good indicator he absolutely adores you.

6 – He Always Compliments You

As explained in the relationship book ‘’The 5 Love Languages’’, we all have different ways of expressing our love. Some people might express it through words while others might express it through gifts, acts or service, touch or quality time.

In either case, men know how looks can easily become a source of frustration and discontent for women and like to reassure them. 

Of course, these compliments are not just charity – they believe in them because they truly love you.

7 – You Have Become His Priority

Something big is coming up tomorrow and you’re reaching out to him? He’ll definitely be there. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in his life, helping you out will be a MUST.

Even more important than money, family and everything else – you are his top priority. You can count on him anytime because you’re the most important thing in his world.

8 – He Listens To You With Intent

A man in love have the irresistible desire to want to know everything about their other half. It’s not about him anymore – but you.

Even if he’s usually talkative, he will find himself prioritising listening to you over talking.

9 – He Gets Closer To You

Whether this is by touching you or being present in the same room, he will try to get closer to you in some way. 

If he’s living on the other side of the world – he’ll go and meet you. Working at a different place? He’ll surprise you and ask you for lunch. 

No matter what the scenario is, this man will find a way to approach you.

10 – He Often Looks At You

Eye contact is one of the biggest indicator when it comes to determining if someone is in love or not. Although one glance is not enough to draw conclusions, if he repeatedly looks at you and your eyes meet multiple times, he’s definitely into you.

It may be more tricky to gauge this for shy people, as they will naturally have a hard time looking into somebody’s eyes.

10 Signs He’s Crazy About You – Conclusion

These are the 10 signs that a man is crazy about you. 

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