Do you take responsibility for your actions? Unfortunately, most people don’t. The majority of them get caught up in the victim mentality just because it doesn’t feel good to blame ourselves. However, the benefits of taking ownership of what happens in your life far outnumbers the ones of shifting responsibility to others.

Acknowledging our flaws and blind spots allows us to improve on them. On the other hand, blaming other people takes away all the power we have. After all, if it’s not our fault, then there’s nothing to change.

Every master of any skill in life know this: taking responsibility for your actions is the key to success. In fact, motivational speaker and successful businessman Jim Rohn said it best, ‘’You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.’’

Throughout my life, I’ve come to understand that not only is it important to recognize our own mistakes, but also to take ownership of what happens to us, no matter how small your involvement might be. 

When most people disempower themselves by having negative self-talks regarding how they couldn’t have done anything to avoid a situation, successful people actively take responsibility and extract value out of those situations.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best ways to take responsibility for your actions.

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1 – Develop More Awareness (recognize your own mistakes)

The number one way to improve on any aspect of your life is to first develop more awareness. Most people engage in a lot of destructive habits without even realizing it.

Being more aware doesn’t mean distorting the truth to make it to your taste. Look at the cold, hard truth if you have to. This will allow you to find out your blind spots and work upon them.

If you’re really serious about being more responsible, then go ask the people around you the behaviors that you tend to engage in. Oftentimes, we can’t notice as much about ourselves as other people.

2 – Go On A 30-day Challenge

One of the most common mistake I see people make when it comes to changing a habit is to stretch themselves way too much. For instance, trying to hit the gym every day for 2 hours when they’re barely capable of going to the gym a few times a week.

In the same way, don’t try to suddenly take responsibility for your own actions and expect it to last forever if you’ve been conditioning another pattern for years. Instead, take baby steps: a 30-day Challenge.

If you can’t change even temporarily your habit, don’t even think about getting rid of it forever. Your first goal should be 30 days. When successfully completed, then you can aim for more than that.

3 – Get Rid Of Your Excuses

If not taking responsibility is the intent, then excuses are the vehicle which you use in order to be able to do that. Making excuses is nothing but a way to shift responsibility. ‘’The reason I can’t go to the gym is because I don’t have time. So it’s not my fault, right?’’ Or, ‘’This project failed because the company put too much pressure on me.’’

I have learned from one of my multi-millionaire mentor that everything that follows a ‘’but’’ or a ‘’because’’ is an excuse.

Now, are there some cases in which it might be justified? Sure, one of your projects may have failed because your partner made a big mistake. But it doesn’t empower you in any way to blame them.

What if you took the blame instead, because you could have helped them and so prevent this mistake from happening? There are many ways to get important feedback from any type of situation.

4 – Change Your Mindset

One of the fastest ways to take responsibility for your actions is to change your mindset around it. Your mindset is the controlling force that determines any result that you get in life. Change it, change your life.

Many people don’t take ownership for anything that happen in their lives simply because it doesn’t feel good. In other words, their brains associate more pain to taking ownership than not taking it. What if you consciously changed that association?

From now on, focus on how taking ownership will benefit your life. It doesn’t have to benefit you on the short-term, it can be years from now. For example, people will respect you more.

Don’t hesitate to exaggerate it as much as you can. Even if you have to go as far as to say that you will become broke and homeless if you don’t change your mindset around responsibility. View it in your mind and feel it.

5 –  Extract The Value

History has taught us that some of the most seemingly unfortunate people turned out to be the happiest. This goes to show that you can find value in any event – even tragedies.

Even if what happens to you seem unfair, it’s up to you to extract all the value that you can so that you can face the next challenge better equipped. 

By learning as much as you can about the situation, you’ll be more likely to take responsibility for your actions.

6 – Get Accountable To Somebody

Nobody wants to commit to somebody, only to back out and look like an idiot. That’s the whole purpose of accountability and its strength!

Get in touch with somebody that you know won’t let you go off the hook if you ever try to withdraw from your commitment, and tell them about your plan of being more responsible.

At its most extreme form, this technique can be used for more than one person. The more people you commit to and the more you’ll be likely to follow through.

7 – Condition New Beliefs

There is only one reason why you don’t take responsibility for your actions: because you have certain beliefs towards responsibility. Beliefs are what determine the actions we take, so it’s crucial that you make a change in the beliefs that don’t support you.

In order to be rid of these disempowering beliefs, you need a morning ritual.

Each morning, spend a few minutes repeating over and over again certain phrases that sum up new beliefs that you want to take in. For example, it might be as simple as, ‘’I always take responsibility for my actions.’’ Or ‘’Winners take responsibility, losers shift it.’’

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8 – Review Your Successes

Surely, there must be times when you did take responsibility and got rewarded for it.

Open a journal and write down every one of your successes and how it made your life better. Did somebody compliment you? What about your self-esteem? 

The more we acknowledge our past successes and the more likely we are to reproduce them. Human beings work better with positive reinforcement, just like dogs.

9 – Surround Yourself with The Right People

Your environment defines and shapes you more than you think it does. In fact, this alone can practically annihilate all your other efforts if not properly used.

It would be extremely difficult for you to develop new, empowering habits around people that are infested with bad ones. 

Are the people around you making your life better and inciting you to become better? If not, it may be time to cut them out of your life.

10 – Find A Role Model

Despite all your efforts, you will go through difficult times. This is why having a mentor or role model during those time will be immensely powerful. They will serve as your compass by giving you more courage and inspiration to pursue this path.

Get in touch with them or learn more about them and strive to improve and become a better version of yourself.

10 Best Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Now that you realize the importance of taking responsibility in life and have learned the best strategies, it’s time to apply it.

Do you want to discover the 7 habits that made me happier, more productive and more fulfilled as well as the 10 habits that most people have that destroy their lives? CLICK HERE to get access to my guides for FREE.